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Clematis Jackmanii Superba

Jackmanii ‘Superba’ is an improved version to the long standing favorite, Clematis ‘Jackmanii,’ the most popular and reliable Clematis since its introduction in 1880. Covered with a profusion of velvety purple flowers with a slightly darker and reddish central bar.  Four-petaled blossoms are 5″ across and followed by silky seed heads.

Best in 6+ hours of sun.
Wildlife resistant.
Hummingbirds love this plant!
A Group 3 Clematis – Late flowering on new growth.

  • Common Name Clematis
  • Variety Jackmanii Superba
  • Zone Zone 4
  • Mature Size 12' x 6'
  • Bloom Time June to September
  • Plant Type Deciduous Vine
  • Flower Color Deep Purple