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Lonicera Caerulea Indigo Treat

‘Indigo Treat’ has excellent, sweet-tangy, flavor similar to ‘Indigo Gem’, with larger, firmer fruits. Can be dried for snacks. Excellent fresh and higher yielding than Tundra, for commercial use. Early to mid-season blooming, with harvest is in June.
Need a pollinator variety such as Aurora, Honey Bee, Berry Smart Blue or Svetlana.
Full sun is best. Tolerates poor soils.
Pollinator friendly.

  • Common Name 'Indigo Treat' Honeyberry
  • Variety Indigo Treat
  • Zone Zone 2
  • Mature Size 5'H x 5'W
  • Bloom Time March-April
  • Plant Type Fruits
  • Flower Color Creamy Yellow