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Physocarpus Opulifolius Diablo

The dark purple foliage of ‘Diablo’ is spectacular in the garden. Like the species, it is upright and vase shaped, with a somewhat coarse texture. Small, but showy, pinkish-white flowers, in dense, flat, rounded, Spirea-like clusters (corymbs), appear in late Spring. Flowers give way to drooping clusters of reddish fruit, edible but better for the wildlife. Purple foliage tends to green in hot Summer climates as the temperatures rise. Ninebark is named for its exfoliating bark on mature branches, and provides another season of interest.
Full sun for best color & flowers, except in hot localities. Likes it on the dry side, but will be happier with occasional water.
Wildlife & pollinator friendly.

  • Common Name 'Diablo' Ninebark. Purpleleaf Ninebark
  • Variety Diablo
  • Zone Zone 4
  • Mature Size 8'H x 6'W
  • Bloom Time May
  • Plant Type Deciduous Shrub
  • Flower Color Pinkish-White