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Picea Glauca Pendula

‘Pendula’ weeping white spruce has a conical to pyramidal shape, formed by an upright central leader and secondary branches sweeping down to create a layered appearance. The lower branches tend to drape down to the ground. Depending on the strength or training of the central leader, ‘Pendula’ can grow to 40 ft. tall but retains its narrow shape. wide. It has blue green needles with a whitish bloom(cast) and 1 to 2 in. cones.
Best in the full sun, moist but well drained soils, in cold-Winter, cool-Summer climates.
Wildlife resistant.

  • Common Name Weeping White Spruce
  • Variety Pendula
  • Zone Zone 2
  • Mature Size 20'+H x 8'W
  • Plant Type Conifer