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Vitis Lambrusca Reliance

  • University of Arkansas
  • Royalty Fee

‘Reliance’ is a self-pollinating, seedless American grape hybrid. It is a woody, deciduous, climbing vine, typically growing 15 to 20′ long unless pruned. Large, shallow-cut, three-lobed, green foliage is tropical-like. Panicles of fragrant, greenish flowers appear in Spring, followed by clusters of pinkish red, mild, sweet, fruity flavored seedless grapes. Fruits appear in early mid-season. Considered an excellent all purpose grape – juices, jams, jellies and raisins. Best fruiting in full sun, in well drained soil, but tolerates light shade & heavier soils. Good drainage is a must, and protection from harsh winds.
Relatively wildlife tolerant after establishment.
Very pollinator & wildlife friendly.

  • Common Name 'Reliance' Red Seedless Grape
  • Variety Reliance
  • Zone Zone 5
  • Mature Size 20'H x 20'W
  • Bloom Time April-May
  • Plant Type Fruits
  • Flower Color Greenish White