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Ficus Carica Desert King

‘Desert King’ produces a large, early crop of figs, mid-Summer. If there is enough warmth, a second crop ripens in September. The yellowish-green fruit has a sweet, strawberry-colored center and are larger than most other figs (about the size of an extra-large egg). “Desert King’ is somewhat oxymoronically named, as it does wee does well in cooler climates, coastal regions, and high elevations, where intense summer heat is often absent.
The large leaves give this plant a tropical feel, and if left unpruned, can be a very bold statement.
Prefers full sun & well drained soil, but will tolerate less of either.
Pollinator friendly.
Relatively wildlife resistant.

  • Common Name 'Desert King' Fig
  • Variety Desert King
  • Zone Zone 7
  • Mature Size 12'+H x 12'+W
  • Plant Type Fruits