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Panicum Virgatum Northwind

  • Roy Diblik

Switch grass gets its name from the peaceful swishing sound it makes when blowing in the wind. ‘Northwind’ is a dark green, upright, rigid clumping selection.
It differs from other varieties, the flower stalks are uniquely situated in the center of the clump of foliage, unlike most other grasses. ‘Northwind’ blooms in late Summer and is very vigorous. It is also very sturdy & withstands all but the heaviest Winter snow loads.
Great as a specimen, a statement, en mass, and an excellent screen.
Full sun is best. Not picky about soils.
Wildlife friendly & tolerant.
Drought & salt resistant once established.

  • Common Name 'Northwind' Switch Grass
  • Variety Northwind
  • Zone Zone 4
  • Mature Size 6'H x 4'W
  • Bloom Time August-September
  • Plant Type Grasses
  • Flower Color Green to Tan