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Michelia Yunnanensis×Hybrid Fairy Magnolia® 'Blush'

  • Mark Jury
  • Royalty Fee

The Fairy Magnolia®  line are bushy, evergreen shrubs or small trees that flower profusely on a quick growing and easy to care for specimen or hedge planting.  Thousands of fragrant 2.5″ flowers are produced during the bloom period.  Approximately 6 days from bud to fully opened flower. Flowers last 4 to 5 days after fully opened.

These disease resistant magnolias are happy growing in full sun through to part shade. They’ll grow in any soil but do prefer well worked crumbling soils. Avoid heavy, waterlogged locations.  Will handle drier conditions once established.

  • Common Name Evergreen Magnolia
  • Variety Fairy Magnolia® 'Blush' PP 21,873
  • Zone Zone 7
  • Mature Size 9-12'H x 5-7'W
  • Bloom Time Early to Late Spring
  • Plant Type Evergreen Shrub
  • Flower Color Pinkish White