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Osmanthus Heterophyllus Goshiki

‘Goshiki’ is a beautiful evergreen shrub that is an excellent ‘soft-leaved’ substitute for Variegated Ilex, sans the berries. Leaves are swirled colors of cream, yellow, orange, and green, with a pinkish blanket on new foliage.
Inconspicuous but fragrant, Fall flowers are a bonus. These do not appear for several years.
Very versatile culture wise, full sun to full shade, well drained to clay soil.
Fairly drought tolerant once established, but appreciates an occasional Summer watering.
Pollinator friendly.

  • Common Name Variegated False Holly
  • Variety Goshiki
  • Zone Zone 6
  • Mature Size 10'H X 8'W
  • Bloom Time September
  • Plant Type Evergreen Shrub
  • Flower Color White