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Vaccinium Vitis-idaea Red Candy

  • Van Son & Koot B.V.
  • Royalty Fee

‘Red Candy’ is a bushy, dwarf, evergreen shrub, with small, shiny, dark green leaves and sprays of pinky-white, bell-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer, followed by bright red, edible berries. Unique for its compact size, large berries, abundance of flowers, and vigorous growth.

Plant in a full to partly sunny location, in acidic soil with plenty of compost or peat moss. ‘Red Candy’ can handle some excess moisture but it does not like to dry out.

  • Common Name Lingonberry
  • Variety Red Candy
  • Zone Zone 4
  • Mature Size 7"H x 12"W
  • Bloom Time Late Spring
  • Plant Type Evergreen Shrub, Fruits, Groundcovers
  • Flower Color Pinkish-White

Photo courtesy of Concept Plants.