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Vitis Labrusca Canadice

  • Cornell University
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‘Canadice’ is a self-pollinating, seedless American grape. It is a woody, deciduous, climbing vine, typically growing 15 to 20′ long unless pruned. Large, shallow-cut, three-lobed, green foliage is tropical-like. Panicles of fragrant, greenish flowers appear in Spring, followed by clusters of red, crisp, sweet & mild, seedless grapes, in early season (early August in USDA Zone 5). Good for jams, jellies and fresh eating.
Best fruiting in full sun, in well drained soil, but tolerates light shade & heavier soils. Good drainage is a must, and protection from harsh winds.
Relatively wildlife tolerant after establishment.
Very pollinator & wildlife friendly.

  • Common Name Red Seedless Grape
  • Variety Canadice
  • Zone Zone 5
  • Mature Size 20'H x 20'W
  • Bloom Time May-June
  • Plant Type Fruits
  • Flower Color Greenish White