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Xanthorhiza Simplicissima Yellowroot

Deciduous, suckering, spreading shrub native to forested stream banks and other moist woodland areas in portions of the eastern and southeastern United States. Foliage is compound with toothed margin. Attractive bronze-yellow fall color. Historically used for dye making and various medicinal uses.

Easily grown in evenly moist, acidic, humic, well-draining soils in part shade. Will adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions including wet, dry, or clay. Will also adapt to various sun conditions ranging from part sun to full shade. Tolerant of drought once established.

  • Common Name Yellowroot
  • Zone Zone 3
  • Mature Size 3'H and Spreading
  • Bloom Time Spring
  • Plant Type Deciduous Shrub, Perennials
  • Flower Color Dark Purple/Maroon, Insignificant