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Yucca Filamentosa × Pallida Silver Anniversary

  • Tony Avent
  • Royalty Fee

‘Silver Anniversary’ is characterized by compact habit, moderate plant vigor, production of multiple offsets, powder-blue colored foliage, and a tall inflorescence consisting of burgundy stems and cream-white flowers. Individual flowers last up to 4 days. Total inflorescence lasting up to 30 days, with stem persisting until the next season.

‘Silver Anniversary’ is adaptable but prefers well-drained soil and a full-sun to part-sun aspect, withstands hot and humid conditions, and is tolerant of drought once established.

  • Common Name Yucca
  • Variety Silver Anniversary
  • Zone Zone 5
  • Mature Size 2'H x 4'W
  • Bloom Time May-June
  • Plant Type Perennials
  • Flower Color Creamy White