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Yucca Rigida Blue Sentry

‘Blue Sentry’ has striking blue needled new growth, fading to powder blue, with a narrow yellow margin. Slow upright habit, to 10+’ with age. more often 4 to 5′. With some maturity, a beautiful 5’ -6’ stalk of creamy white bell flowers appear above the needles.
Does best in full sun, alkaline, well drained soils, but is tolerant of most conditions.
Drought resistant once established, a bit of supplemental Summer water will ensure a better show.
Pollinator friendly and wildlife resistant.

  • Common Name 'Blue Sentry' Adam's Needle
  • Variety Blue Sentry
  • Zone Zone 5
  • Mature Size 10'H x 5'W
  • Bloom Time August
  • Plant Type Perennials
  • Flower Color Greeny Cream