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Magnolia Soulangeana x Liliflora 'Nigra' 'Genie'

  • Vance Hooper

‘Genie’ has masses of deep plum-red, tulip-shaped blooms borne on bare stems in early Spring. The blooms begin as striking blackish-red buds, held upright and prominent. They are subtly scented with a sweet, rich aroma.
Best flowering in the full sun in well drained, humitic soil. Mid Summer flowering is enhanced by regular watering.
Pollinator friendly.

  • Common Name Deciduous Magnolia
  • Variety 'Genie'
  • Zone Zone 5
  • Mature Size 10'H x 5'W
  • Bloom Time April-June & occasionally July-August
  • Plant Type Deciduous Shrub
  • Flower Color Plum-Red