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Vaccinium Corymbosum Sweetheart


‘Sweetheart’ is just that! Fabulously sweet flavored berries, often times twice in the same season! This Northern-Southern cross produces a heavy crop of medium to large, frosty berries in late May-early June, then, in milder climates, or with an extended Summer, a lighter fruiting in Autumn.
Best fruiting when interplanted with other Northern Highbush varieties such as ‘Earliblue’ or ‘Duke’.
Requires 750-800 chill hours to set fruit.
Full sun, in acid soil, with regular water and fertility.
Very wildlife and pollinator friendly.

  • Common Name 'Sweetheart' Northern Highbush Blueberry
  • Variety Sweetheart
  • Zone Zone 4
  • Mature Size 6'H x 6'W
  • Bloom Time March - May
  • Plant Type Fruits
  • Flower Color White